Integrate with your enterprise applications, databases, and legacy systems to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spot a problem, even before your customers tell you about it? Usermind unifies customer data, and provides a platform for orchestrating a seamless, relevant customer experience across systems. With Usermind, you can use product or web analytics to spot product issues, or use signals in any connected system to create a support ticket in You can also prevent customers with unresolved support issues from receiving marketing communications, and automate follow-up tasks.

With Usermind, it’s easy to orchestrate automated journeys throughout the customer lifecyle, bringing together and your CRM, marketing automation platform, email service provider, billing system, and analytics platform. See the full list of Usermind integrations here.

Because Usermind gives analytics and insight on cross-platform processes, it’s easy to see what workflows have impact on business outcomes, and to answer the question, “What works best?”