Expand your support across even more social channels with the Viralheat and Desk.com integration.

Viralheat is the social monitoring and management platform that provides enterprise businesses with tangible results from real-time, actionable social data, through a single tool. For more information on Viralheat, visit www.viralheat.com

Viralheat provides social media management and monitoring for businesses. With the Desk.com integration, you can go beyond just Twitter and Facebook to now export mentions from Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, Wordpress, Pinterest, blogs and videos sharing sites directly to Desk.com to create tickets. Viralheat takes social even deeper into the support organization.

With Viralheat's sentiment and intent analyses, you can quickly filter social posts for negative sentiment or people looking for support and then export these specific mentions to Desk.com. This streamlines your community manager's social media activities and brings them even closer to the support team.