Get more out of your customer interactions with Vonage for, powered by gUnify.

Vonage Business has the expertise and experience to optimize your application with a handy phone integration that provides real-time call data synchronization with your workflows.

Key features include:

Incoming/Outbound Screen Pops

Incoming screen pops with answer, decline, and send to voicemail options let you know who is  calling. Just click-to-call to follow up on missed calls; easy follow-up options help you stay on track with customer interactions.

Quick Add Contacts and Cases

Create contacts and cases quickly while on calls with new customers. Manually sync contacts, or complete them via nightly batches.

Call Note-Taking

All inbound/outbound calls are recorded in notes and associated with cases. Call notes can be quickly searched, reviewed, and exported.

Call Management and Reporting

Analyze customer data based on inbound and outbound call statistics. Captured call times and duration data allow managers to gain rich insights for segmented analysis.