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3 strategies for winning the customer service battle on social media

3 strategies for winning the customer service battle on social media

If an individual or company lacks a Facebook presence, do they really exist? Social media defines how we communicate in the digital age. It’s as critical to modern life as oxygen or electricity. It’s how we stay connected to the people and things we care about.

And for companies, it’s mission critical. Nearly half of Americans have interacted with a business on social media. So, let’s look at some killer strategies to help your company keep pace with consumer preferences for customer service via social media.

1. Organize communication channels in a single place

Consumers have become so comfortable with Facebook and Twitter that they regularly use it to communicate with brands when they need help resolving an issue. Thankfully, platforms like allow business owners to bring all of their client communication, including social media messages, in one place – making a flurry of customer chats much more manageable.

This includes the added benefit of ensuring that your entire customer service team is operating from the same playbook. Duplicate replies and mixed messaging only result in customers losing respect for your brand.

2. Stay ahead of evolving social media channels

The social media landscape is constantly changing. Whether its massive feature changes thanks to radical platform updates, or changing user habits, it’s your job to anticipate where your customers will pop-up next.

For example, LinkedIn is quickly blurring the lines between their original professional network image and a one-stop-social media platform. After their acquisition by Microsoft, the improvements to their platform have given them some stats to write home about.

They are opening new accounts at a rate of 2 per second, and more than 61 million influencers call the platform home, bolstered by more than 40 million decision makers. These eye-popping LinkedIn stats showcase how a once stuffy platform for busy professionals is evolving into a place for every working person to connect and engage with their coworkers and potential employers.

For B2B brands, it’s not unusual for customers to reach out via LinkedIn. This is especially true of decision-makers that are tired of dealing with ineffective account executives. You shouldn’t outsource LinkedIn customer service chats to your regular team. In fact, I would handle them personally. The demographics of LinkedIn are still heavily tilted towards executives and professionals – the kinds of clients that B2B companies need to excite if they want to compete.

3. Don’t just echo your blog on your social pages

Old school marketers looked at social media pages as a hip tool to echo out blog posts and company updates. While most Facebook pages still serve this purpose, to varying degrees, modern social media channels need their own unique content in order to shine.

If you really want to have fun, look no further than Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King on Twitter. Their smackdown tweets are the stuff of legends. They leverage their twitter presence to engage on an informal, tongue-in-cheek dialogue that keeps people coming back for more.

Words are not the only ones you can play with in the virtual world. Brands like Oreo or Starbucks win their followers by creating and posting high quality, fun visuals on their feeds. A service you can use in order to stay relevant in the social-media game while also having a good looking profile is Bannersnack. This website is the perfect tool for you to design social-media visuals even without having any design knowledge.

And, when a customer service issue pops up, they’re all hands-on deck. Their ability to have fun, while still taking care of business keeps the marketing department and their customers very happy.

How well is your brand performing on social media? If you aren’t posting multiple times a week, and enjoying a steadily growing “like” and/or “follower” count, you’re doing it wrong. Use social media to get beyond the scripted customer service calls and truly connect with your market as it evolves at the speed of posts and tweets.

You’ll find that customers appreciate the convenience of solving their issue from within the mobile apps they already know and love. And your company will look more modern and accommodating to customer demands.

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