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3 ways to refresh customer service interactions in 2016

New resolutions for your customer service interactions

Evolving your business to meet the ever-changing wants and habits of your customers is critical to long-term success. Although it may be difficult to identify improvement areas and roll out new routines, these updates allow your business to grow with your customers. And who among us couldn’t use an update every now and then? Here are 3 ways to hit “refresh” on your customer service interactions in 2016.

1) ASK “How can we communicate more clearly?”

Begin the process of creating new ways to wow your customers by asking a simple question: “How can we communicate more clearly with our audience?” This exercise will force you to look at how you currently communicate and what can be improved. The end goal is to increase the amount of customers who actively purchase from you after visiting your site or chatting with a representative.

One example from our company: we discovered our site spent too much time describing products benefits. Over time, we learned that our customers wanted quick answers to their most common questions. As a result, we ditched the long-winded text and set up basic tabs that allow visitors to filter based on their needs.

2) INSTALL supporting apps on your website

There are tons of ways to improve customer support with automated services and plugins. A great place to start: research ways to streamline the customer service process (a personal favorite is’s mobile SDK). We all have plans to increase our number of customers. Install one now so you’re prepared for the avalanche of sales when it comes your way!

Installing apps that help to understand your online customers, such as how they move through your website and where they leave, gives you the information needed to create a killer marketing plan. Specific industries, such as drug testing and spy security, may not be as keen to certain marketing practices as others. Understand who your customers are and how they interact with your site to help inform future visitors.

3) CREATE Internal channels for open communication

In order for your internal service team to evolve, it’s important to create ways to communicate openly regarding customer developments. Start with a list of the most common scenarios and build an action plan from there. This could be everything from how to handle custom requests, complaints, and refunds to the best way to share a happy client testimonial.

Another option to consider regarding team communication is chain of command. Once changes are discussed and decided upon, has someone been designated to implement them? Be clear in individual responsibilities so your team knows there is accountability.

Revise, reset, refresh

When done appropriately, these positive changes can be a great way to increase the number of customers placing orders and make the handling of those orders more efficient for your team. So go on... Ready, set, refresh.

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