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4 startups setting a high bar for customer service

Startups must set a high bar when it comes to customer service.


We live in an age of immediacy. Consumers want instant results and untethered access to information. The evolution of technology has shaped modern day customers, offering a colossal impact on business as a whole. Emerging startups embrace entrepreneurship and innovation which has attracted financiers who are willing to invest through different funding options. The combination of inexpensive business tools and access to funding has led to an unprecedented number of new businesses starting every year. All this growth in new business isn’t without its failures though.

With a failure or quit rate of 50-60% during the first 2 years, many new companies have found that failing to develop a robust customer service policy can be detrimental to their success. The following companies have adopted unique methods to motivate staff to go above and beyond when dealing with customers. These companies rose above the sea of startups and beat the failure odds stacked against them.

Munchery is a leading food delivery service where some of the top chefs in the world help create easy-to-cook meals from locally sourced farms which are delivered straight to customers’ doorstep. As the company grew, so did their customer service needs. As a startup, the company relied on a shared Gmail box to deal with the influx of customer service needs. To stand above their competition, Munchery needed a faster way to answer customer questions and delivery a customer experience that was as great as the food they were delivering. This is where was a godsend. As Conrad Chu, Founder of Munchery, explained, “'s flexible customer service app is a key ingredient of our success. Our goal is to go above and beyond, so that ultimately we can turn someone from a frustrated customer into an evangelist.”

HotelTonight is a hotel booking app that’s taking the travel space by storm. Customers can view exclusive unsold rooms directly from their mobile device up to a week in advance of booking. With over 300 destinations across 16 countries and five languages, it’s easy to see how customer service became one of their biggest challenges. HotelTonight partnered with to fully integrate their customer service platform with Salesforce and give customers a seamless experience. “When we implemented we were up and running inside a few days,” explained Jared Simon, COO and Co-Founder of HotelTonight. To show you just how valuable great customer service can be, HotelTonight saw a 300% increase in growth after implementing

Asana is a top project management platform used by businesses and agencies of all sizes. The company lives and breathes collaboration so it was natural that one of their biggest concerns was communicating with customers efficiently. Asana was looking for a technology platform that would allow them to seamlessly communicate with customer across email, Twitter, web and more. answered the bell. Any employee can get up and running on in just a few minutes, so it’s really easy to expand the number of people interacting with customers,” says Kenny Van Zant, Head of Operations. “It helps our support team be more efficient, even during periods of extraordinary growth.” Asana became so efficient with that they have been able to respond to 95% of customer emails in one day or less.

One King’s Lane
Surviving as an online retailer in today’s hyper-competitive environment is a challenge in and of itself. Excelling in the customer service department is what puts you head and shoulders above your competition. One King’s Lane focused their efforts on just that challenge. When they switched from a shared Gmail account to they were able to resolve 70% of their customer service cases within 24 hours. "We don’t measure our team on whether they can close a case at first contact," says Alexis Chapman, Director, Customer Operations. "We encourage our agents to talk to customers as long and as often as it takes to make them happy."

For companies to find financial success and business longevity, they're finding they must tap into unique practices and best-of-breed partners when it comes to keeping customers happy.  Creating a customer service and value system is paramount in guiding consumers to invest in a brand and foster growth.

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