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4 things quality content can do for your customers

4 things quality content can do for your customers

Everyone knows by now that quality content is key to improving your online presence, helping your SEO, and enhancing your digital marketing strategy. But most importantly, it lets you reach out to your customers on a more personal level. If you leverage content just right, you can benefit your customers in some profound ways.

Quality content in practice

Thanks to a recent update to Google’s SEO algorithm, high quality content is among the most important factors in a content marketing strategy. It puts your content in front of the people who are most likely to benefit from it.

According to a Sprout Worth study, more than half effective content marketing teams publish new, in-depth content nearly every single day. The content is rich, actionable, and provides undeniable value for customers. It also comes in many forms, including blog posts, articles, and visual content like memes, infographics, videos, or live reports.

Quality content isn’t just about a blog or a social media posting strategy. Consider the content on this website that’s dedicated to helping consumers find the right loans for their auto purchases. There are several highly informative webpages as well as a detailed blog.

Each piece is long, in-depth, loaded with facts and statistics, and armed with actionable insights that can help their customers find exactly what they’re looking for. There are also links throughout to connect customers with the information they found most useful.

Another great example is blog content from Neil Patel. Patel authors a series of blogs, including, KISSmetrics, and Quick Sprout, each of which is dedicated to providing valuable, in-depth information on digital marketing.

He uses ample facts and statistics, examples, visuals, links, paragraph breaks, and more to help each reader understand the focus. After reading any article or webpage, the consumer can walk away with insights into any concern.

These examples are the standard for any piece of high quality content published on today’s web. Developing this content will benefit your SEO and, most importantly, improve your influence over customers.   

Content is for your customers: 4 benefits of making it high quality

You know what a piece of high quality content looks like, but is it something you should invest your time and money in? Will this quality content really benefit your customers?

Absolutely! Neil Patel reports that 70 percent of the traffic on KISSmetrics involves his most original, in-depth pieces. When you write high quality content, it finds its way in front of consumers who will actually use it. It’s the quintessential online connection between your brand and your valued customers.

Here are a few more ways that high quality content can benefit your customers:  

1. Strengthen customer relationships

Most of the time, customers seek content because they have a problem that needs solving. If you’ve invested time and energy into a quality content strategy, it can solve that problem for them.

Take the example of the auto loan website mentioned above in which the primary problem is finding the best auto loan. They publish a simple, in-depth guide to answer any questions and solve problems. What’s more beneficial to a valued customer than that?

2. Improve consumer trust  

Consumers want to trust organizations—it helps them feel comfortable with making a purchase or choosing a company with which to do business. Your content is a catalyst for that trust. With every eBook, white paper, web page, blog post, case study, or other information you release, you’re establishing yourself as a caring, trustworthy organization invested in your product.

When you use content to establish your confidence and expertise, customers feel that same sense of confidence. Neil Patel’s blogs exude his confidence and knowledge in the industry. Mimicking that innate sense of trust assures customers of your abilities.

3. Offer education and empowerment to customers

Customers feel vulnerable when they know little about an industry. So, your content empowers them through education. They’ll learn about your brand and products and how they fare against others in the industry. This generates feelings of trust and authenticity that can promote your brand better than anything else.

4. Higher loyalty

Customers will return to a company with the most value offerings. High quality content generates trust, offers education, and encourages customers to stay loyal.

According to a Vibes survey, 77 percent of smartphone users said that exclusive content, offers, and messages had a positive impact on their brand loyalty. If this is true, improving your content can do great things for a customer’s loyalty.

Quality content is the new frontier for great customer service. Though it can’t replace phone calls and email, it can supplement much-needed information that draws customers to an organization. As your company focuses on improving their content marketing, they’re likely to see higher retention rates, higher customer confidence, and overall more satisfied customers.

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