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5 Helpful Tips for Wowing your Customers

In the past, a good sales and marketing team could sell anything to anyone – at least once.  Then it was customer service’s responsibility to ensure repeat business.  As the world has become more connected the rules have changed.  Good and bad experiences spread farther and faster, increasing the pressure on all business to deliver exceptional customer service in order to succeed.

This re-enforces the old saying, “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.”  We’ve compiled a few tips that will help ensure that you can consistently wow and retain your customers

Involve the company in support

Every person in an organization should work to help the customer.  Without the customer, there is no company.  To help everyone understand your customer, send out a weekly support update with samples of real customer requests, complaints, and praise.

Take the blame

No action can defuse anger more than an apology. Be sincere and be accountable for issues. When you are done, thank the customer for bringing the issue to your attention and make sure you correct the underlying problem so that future incidents are avoided.

Customers are people

Treat customers as people, not revenue or head-aches. Address the customer by name and respond to them as individuals.

Go above and beyond

Nothing breeds loyalty and referrals more than doing more than expected. For example, I still refer people to a auto repair shop in San Diego because of an experience over 2 years ago.

Hire passionate people

Responding to customer service requests that are often complaints is taxing. Realize that your staff will treat your customers the way they are treated. A CEO who regular takes time to respond to customer service requests enforces the importance of customer service like no other.

Do you have other tips for companies looking to wow their customers? Or stories of how you have been wowed? Let us know in the comments.

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