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5 ways customer service fuels marketing

Marketing has come a long way since the Don Draper days of three-martini “business” lunches and spending budgets without a clear picture of the return on investment. But let’s flash-forward to today’s reality, where data is the bread-and-butter of any modern marketing department. We want those numbers; we *need* those numbers. You’d have to design a 12-step program to tear us away from those numbers.

There’s a symbiotic bond between customer service and marketing: Service talks to customers, and marketing wants to get in front of those customers. Marketing is all about building customer relationships, and service is about maintaining (and sometimes repairing) them. So sharing service interactions, product insights, and support metrics is vital. Here are 5 ways customer service and marketing can work together to build an outstanding customer experience. 

Help at-risk customers

Agents at Space Ape use to see which customers are at risk for churn; then they work with marketing to take the right actions to retain them. By tracking issues in, everyone at Space Ape can see what’s going on and quickly create new knowledge base articles or develop product fixes.

Minimize support requests

Video platform Vimeo uses custom fields and the Salesforce API to generate reports around community requests and pain points, which they share with their product and marketing teams. Those teams then work to create fixes and messaging to cut down on support requests and keep members happy.

Monitor social channels

Compostable tableware company Susty Party uses to monitor social channels, see trends, and infuse its lively personality into every interaction. They make every conversation count: “ helps us maintain a fun loving brand and quickly get customers the information they need.” Awesome.

Measure campaign effectiveness

Reporting (via’s Business Insights) helps Charitybuzz measure productivity and optimize its support processes. It also helps the company forecast seasonal demand, track social promotions, and measure the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. It’s data done right. 

Outline new campaigns

Shopping portal Outfittery uses for every customer-facing function, customer service and marketing included. Outfittery tracks not only resolution times and overall performance, but also which questions are asked most often so they can update the website and build campaigns accordingly.

When you connect your customer service and marketing departments -- and the apps you use to run them -- you can be more productive in every way. If you’re a real go-getter, you can even check out these easy ways to extend your solution to marketing right now.



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