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7 creative ways to keep your brand top-of-mind (and why it’s important)

7 creative ways to keep your brand top-of-mind (and why it’s important)

You might have a business that offers fantastic products and services: You get great reviews, you rarely hear complaints, and your customer service team handles the complaints you do get with speed and efficiency.

Unfortunately, all that effort could go to waste if your target audience of consumers isn’t familiar with your brand. If you want to make sure your satisfied customers keep coming back for more and attract new customers via referrals and visibility, you’ll need a strategy to keep your brand “top-of-mind.”

Why brand visibility is important

Why is brand consistency and visibility so important?

  • The psychology of brand loyalty. When people return to a company to make further purchases, it’s only partly attributable to their satisfaction with the specific product or service. Brand loyalty often depends on an almost personal relationship between the customer and the firm -- or more accurately, the “identity” of the business -- they’re buying from. To take full advantage of that, you have to have a recognizable -- and clearly visible -- identity, at the very least.

  • Retention vs. acquisition. In almost every service situation, customer retention is far less expensive than customer acquisition. Keeping your brand top-of-mind in your past clients is usually cheaper than trying to nail the interest and sustained attention of potential new customers. Ideally, the result will be delivery of multiple new purchases, rather than just one.

  • The slow fade of memory. After buying something from a store, especially for the first time, customers gradually tend to forget the name and brand they bought from. If you can keep your brand top-of-mind, you can prevent this slow decay and remind customers of your existence and value to them.

How to keep your brand top-of-mind

So what strategies might you employ to ensure your brand remains top-of-mind with your best customers?

  1. Printed takeaways. You can start by providing your customers with printed takeaways, such as calendars, which are easy to display and fairly functional. Such promotional items tend to aggregate around desks and workspaces, so you can arrange some carefully placed branded messaging in the corner of people’s workspace that will keep your brand visible for the indefinite future. Give these away at major events, or ship them to customers who have bought from you in the past.

  2. Regular content. Nothing grabs online attention like valuable content. If you can create new blog posts, white papers, infographics, and videos on a steady basis that are practical or helpful for your customers, they’re going to keep coming back to your site in the expectation of finding more. It takes time to build a loyal audience in this way, but it can definitely be well worth it.

  3. Email newsletters. While you’re at it, try to get your customers to subscribe to an ongoing email list. You may even choose to opt them in whenever they purchase something or sign up for an account. That way, you’ll be able to send weekly newsletters which remind your subscribers about your brand (and give them other valuable pieces of information).

  4. Giveaways and promotions. Though this option can be a little more expensive, it could generate significant visibility. Start a new promotion, like a major sale, or host a giveaway of free items. You’ll generate plenty of attention among people who like to make the most of such opportunities, and your most loyal brand evangelists are likely to share the information so your work reaches further.

  5. Free gifts. If you’re regularly shipping packages to customers, think about the potential for throwing in free, random, unexpected gifts. Your customers will be surprised and delighted by them, and more likely to remember the entire experience. If you make the gift something practical and brand it, the freebie will constantly remind customers of your brand’s generosity.

  6. Social engagement. You probably already have a social media marketing strategy in operation, but are you engaging with your followers one on one, by answering questions or engaging in simple conversations? Reaching out to individuals is a powerful way to generate loyalty … and make your brand more visible to all their followers as well. This can be a bit time intensive, but you’ll create more loyal followers and attract greater interest from outside your usual audience.

  7. Renewal and reordering opportunities. Finally, consider drawing more attention to renewal and reordering opportunities. For example, you could send email reminders to let people know when their products have likely run out or expired, which would give them the motivation to reorder. This strategy only works with products that aren’t permanent, of course, but if you sell them, it can pay off handsomely. At least some customers will be inspired to buy something else, as long as they’re entering an order anyway.

The above seven strategies can help you tie your brand to the products and services you provide, and prevent the slow decay of interest and memorability that are too often the typical aftermath of a purchase. Try not to spam your customers, or make your brand so visible it becomes annoying, but reminding your audience of your existence on a regular basis is sure to drive further sales.

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