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Product updates Unveils Multilingual Customer Support - Now Any Business Can Easily Support Global Customers

UPDATE: We have announced new language support and functionality in our multi-language support. For more details check out our recent annoucement: Take your business global with


Multilingual Customer Support is now live!

To enable and use this new feature, go to your Settings from the Admin Panel and turn on Multilingual Support from the sidebar. Here are some resources to help you get started using all the new languages at your disposal:


Getting Started: Multilingual Support

Adding Translated Content to Your Content Library

Displaying Translated Content in Your Help Center

How to Use Translated Content When Responding to Customers

Using the Translation Management System to Alert you of Outdated Translations

Using Snippets in Your Help Center

We have released a major, new feature for all customers — Multilingual Customer Support. With Multilingual Customer Support, teams will be able to communicate with and deliver superior customer service to their customers in their preferred languages. will support communications in 39 languages and regional dialects, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and more.

Every business can easily reach a global audience, and this puts a unique challenge on support.

Take customer, iZettle. This 50-person team in Stockholm is transforming the mobile payment industry, growing with lightning speed. In less than nine months, they are already operating in five countries and have started supporting their customers in English and Swedish—with more languages to come.

But how does a growing company like iZettle support customers across multiple languages? When a customer asks a question in Swedish, that case should go directly to a Swedish-speaking agent. That agent needs to be able to draw upon the company’s Swedish-language knowledge base to provide the best answer quickly.’s new multilingual support makes that process easy and helps iZettle serve customers better by maintaining its help center in Swedish as easily as it does in English.

“iZettle's app and mini chip card reader make it possible for individuals and small businesses to take easy and secure credit card payments, so clarity in customer care is particularly crucial,” said Johan Bendz, CMO of iZettle. “As we expand across Europe, gives us the ability to keep pace with our support offerings. Multilingual support with gives our customers confidence, and it also gives our team peace of mind that they are providing the best support.”

“A lot of companies don’t think about potential foreign customers as they develop their businesses--until they suddenly discover that social technologies have given them a global reach.’s Multilingual Customer Support makes it easier to support and embrace any global audience--and capitalize on important new business," said Brent Leary, CRM Essentials

[caption id="attachment_8012" align="aligncenter" width="539"] The Team at iZettle[/caption]

Route Issues, Maintain Content, and Manage Revisions Efficiently in 39 Languages’s Multilingual Customer Support Will Make it Possible for Businesses of Any Size to:

1) Automatically route incoming cases, so that agents are able to respond to customers in their languages of fluency.’s Multilingual Customer Support will automate case routing so that every customer inquiry can be sent to an agent fluent in that language. Filters and business rules will detect and set language preference based on case or customer language attributes. The system will also help determine a customer’s preferred language, assigning a default language for e-mail inboxes, phone cases, chat cases, tweets and Facebook posts.

2) Publish their internal knowledge base and customer-facing help center in multiple languages.

With a fully-stocked multilingual knowledge base, agents will always have the best answers available. Customers will feel at home because they can choose their preferred language as they seek answers in the help center.

3) Efficiently and confidently manage translations and see at a glance where they need updating.

With Translation Management, maintaining and coordinating additional content in multiple languages will be efficient and manageable. When you update content, will mark the accompanying content in other languages with a clear icon so you can see where changes are needed.


Companies Can Manage Thousands of Articles with Ease’s Multilingual Customer Support is many times more efficient than competitors’ products—and here’s why:

Imagine a company with 300 articles in its knowledge base and a goal to serve customers in 13 languages. That’s 3,900 articles and translations that need to be maintained and coordinated, and that’s before one considers variations across support channels. Companies may want different content for Twitter-based responses than they do for e-mail-based responses, meaning the content management task grows exponentially. Before, this was a complex and unwieldy task.

Now with’s Multilingual Customer Support, even the smallest businesses can support global customer bases. will organize content by language and channel, and track those changes so that teams can focus on the substance of the content. will put all translations in one place so they can be edited side-by-side, with the original article appearing on the same page as the translation for ease of editing. Other support tools require agents to track translations by hand and click through multiple screens to edit articles. With, a simple change to a support article negates the need to click through dozens of pages.

Pricing and Availability

Multilingual Customer Support is being provided to all customers at no additional charge. It is scheduled to be generally available on June 6, 2012. Customers who purchase technologies should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. Sign up now for our Multilingual Customer Support Webinar on Monday, June 4, 2012, at 11am PT.

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