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Attention Trailblazers: Plan for scale and growth using our to Service Cloud Trail

Attention Trailblazers: Plan for scale and growth using our to Service Cloud Trail

We’re excited to announce our newest Trailhead trail! Trailhead is the fun, interactive way to learn Salesforce products, and our new Trail is no exception. In our newest trail, you will be taken through some key elements that all growing support teams will come across. By the end of it, you'll be fully prepared for scale and growth.

Making a plan for scale and growth isn’t always about looking far into the future and trying to predict your needs. It’s more often about thinking through your current decisions and how they can impact you positively further down the line.

From a customer support perspective, it’s best to think about how the short-term, small-scale option can also give you long-term benefits down the road. Making a smart choice from the start can easily make any future growth and transitions painless. If you have extra customization or reporting needs, are looking to implement necessary and more complex business processes, or want to integrate your service solution with a suite of efficiency-driven tools, then you may want to consider a move to Service Cloud. This new trail will help you with that decision.

Our all new to Service Cloud Trails look like this:

Whether you're the most seasoned admin, or a new user looking into scale and growth, these trails can help you plan and organize your to Service Cloud move.

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