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Ben Camerota

Ben Camerota is the President of MVP Visuals, suppliers of high-impact visuals and custom displays for trade shows, retail promotion and corporate events.

Nine hacks to boost customer communication

Nine hacks to boost customer communication

When a business owner focuses on improving communication with customers, good things tend to happen. Unfortunately, many of today’s leaders fail to ask customers for feedback and make assumptions about what their clients need. to You can boost business if you leverage the power of your market… Read more

Prepare your team for a product launch.

How to prepare your team for a product launch

Small-business owners know a successful product launch is everything. A poor launch wastes countless resources and can destroy months — years, even — of planning. When we recently launched our new custom tents, we created a finite plan of how to go live. As a result, we learned a few things… things… Read more

Customer Service 101: keep customers happy

Customer Service 101: Four ways to keep customers happy

No matter how well you do, unhappy customers crop up from time to time. Sometimes, they may not technically be correct, but your business rests on their happiness. Take the higher ground, and direct the conversation toward a “happy ending” by following these four tenets of customer service-centered… Read more

New resolutions for your customer service interactions

3 ways to refresh customer service interactions in 2016

Evolving your business to meet the ever-changing wants and habits of your customers is critical to long-term success. Although it may be difficult to identify improvement areas and roll out new routines, these updates allow your business to grow with your customers. And who among us couldn’t use an… Read more

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