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Cesar Arreola

Cesar Arreola is the Head of Customer WOW at and helps customers maximize their success through the use of technology. He has worked with several technology startups and has focused on improving customer engagement.

Practice random acts of customer service wow

Practicing random acts of #CustServ WOW

Every day at, we strive to make our customers happy and successful. Of course we do the *standard* things a customer service team should do — answer questions quickly, listen with an empathetic ear, and make sure we give customers the right help as needed. Read more

Celebrating The Stevie Awards 2014

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who took a moment to support our amazing Customer Wow team by voting in the Stevie Awards. So we’re excited to announce that the Wow Team won the bronze Stevie Award for “Customer Service Department of the Year - Computer Software - 100 or more Employees.”… Read more

How to Maximize Your Customer Service Productivity

Fast growing companies need to provide the same level of productivity as their larger counterparts. As your business grows, you don’t always have the luxury to grow your support team at the same pace. You need to have that productivity built in. Providing great customer service is about connecting… Read more

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