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Dan Stern

Dan Stern is VP of Customer Wow for

The Principles of WOW

Editors note: In the month of March the Blog will feature articles from a variety of experts and authors to help you and your team be more successful in delivering the next level experience to your customers. From ways to hire and train to methods to get your staff motivated to customer… Read more Mobile—Now Available for Flex Users

The Mobile Agent can now be accessed by Flex Agents making it possible to deliver whole company support from anywhere by anyone.   Mobile flex usage works the same as desktop flex usage. Flex users access the mobile agent at  For more information on… Read more

5 Helpful Tips for Wowing your Customers

In the past, a good sales and marketing team could sell anything to anyone – at least once.  Then it was customer service’s responsibility to ensure repeat business.  As the world has become more connected the rules have changed.  Good and bad experiences spread farther and faster, increasing the… Read more

Public Launch

As you may have noticed by now, we’ve just made some big changes to the site and some of the application pages as well (login, forgot password, etc.)  As of today, we’re officially launched!  You can read more about it on our blog - and make sure to check out the great… Read more

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