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Leyla Seka

Leyla is the SVP and GM of She is responsible for everything at and likes to yell 'Holla'.

Star Wars for Startups Teams Infographics

The Star Wars way to awaken a startup dream team

Check out our new infographic to see for yourself Imagine a galaxy not so long ago or so far away. To survive your startup needs an amazing crew of team members, and you need to identify and hire the best people for each role. Learn how to awaken the Force within and conquer the Dark Side — or… Read more

A girl's guide to finding an awesome mentor (and being one)

Advice on how to be successful as a woman in the business world almost always includes finding a mentor. Many women treat this mission like a checklist item (Mentor? Check!), but being thoughtful and strategic about mentoring can be life-changing. Without the feedback that I’ve gotten from my own… Read more

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