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Ruthie Miller

Ruthie is an extreme and unapologetic Oxford comma loyalist. She loves breakfast tacos, flip flops, and every word that John Steinbeck ever wrote (just don't bring up the designated hitter). Ruthie is a Senior Copywriter at

Only you can prevent customer service fires at Dreamforce 2016

Only you can #PreventCustServFires at Dreamforce 2016

We've all seen it happen. A tiny spark leads to a small fire... and if not addressed quickly and appropriately, it spreads. Suddenly things are out of control, and what's a customer service team to do? The best way to contain customer service fires is to prevent them from starting in the first… Read more


Five fantastic customer service sessions at Dreamforce

Content sessions are the bread-and-butter of Dreamforce. The way you learn new strategies and best practices. The way you cram a year’s worth of learning into just one week. Sure, Dreamforce is also packed with inspiring speakers, networking, and events — but the real reason you go is to up your… Read more

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