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Stephen Van Delinder

Stephen Van Delinder is a Co-founder of Reputation Resolutions, an online reputation management company that serves individuals and businesses in restoring, building, and maintaining their online reputations and brands. Armed with certifications in Digital Marketing from New York University, Google, and Microsoft, Stephen applies his knowledge of online reputation management to help people and businesses look their best online.

How to build your SMB review strategy

How to build your SMB review strategy

Does your small business have a review strategy in place? Reviews are regarded as the most effective advertisements online, yet they’re often disregarded by companies. This is a result of several factors, but the rise of online reviews as a marketing avenue is ultimately an advantage to small… Read more

ORM Strategies for Small Business Executives

No matter the size of the organization, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is increasingly necessary for executives who represent companies. Effective ORM strategies help small businesses mitigate reputational risk which Deloitte currently rates as the number one strategic risk. For both companies… Read more

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