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Auto-acknowledgement emails just got super easy

Auto-acknowledgement emails just got super easy

Have you ever thought "wouldn't it be great if you could make a sweet looking Auto-Acknowledgement Theme, that is on brand, yet just pops, and takes less than a minute to make from start to finish"?

Customers often ask the support team for help editing the design of their Auto-Acknowledgement themes. This can mean anything from simple color changes all the way to adding a company logo.

We are happy to introduce a new tool to allow you to quickly customize your Auto-Acknowledgement themes, without the need to ever edit any code. Give it a try — now it takes no more than a minute (yes, 60 seconds is all it takes) to fully brand your Auto-Acknowledgement Themes, with a logo, and color changes.


Here’s a full list of features:

  • Live Preview - See what you're making in real time

  • Drag and Drop logo upload

  • Alter logo size

  • Remove uploaded image

  • Edit email body background color

  • Edit email text color

  • Edit email border line color

  • One click 'copy' button

  • Code reviewer

  • Step by step instructions for taking code back into Desk

And we plan to add a few more in the coming weeks, keep an eye out!

We know how useful this will be for startups, small businesses, and all of you creative types who wanted to create beautiful Auto-Acknowledgement Themes for their customer support team, but didn’t have the resources on hand to achieve it.

Get started making your own customized Auto-Acknowledgements now! Just visit:

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