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How to Use a Business Rule to Send an Auto-Reply Email in

Often, the most important thing in the customer support process can be the simplest - letting the customer know you're listening. Using the right business rules, can accomplish a lot of work on your behalf, helping you to provide more effective and efficient service to your customers.

One of the most powerful ways to use is to send a simple auto-reply to your customer letting them know that you received their request.

Acknowledge the email automatically!

Here are the simple steps to set up an auto-reply (we call them "auto-acknowledgments" in

  1. Log in to the admin and visit the Auto-acknowledgement area under the email channel (you'll find this at /admin/channels/email/auto-acknowledgments under your subdomain.)
  2. Create the auto-reply you'd like to send to the customer and name it "My Auto-Reply" - if you need to send more than one kind of auto-reply, just repeat this later.*
  3. Assuming the next step is to send this out to your customer no more than once a day - to avoid the problem of sending them multiple emails during the day if they submit multiple cases, you'll need to write an Inbound Interaction Rule to do the work.
  4. Set up your inbound interaction rule by navigating to the Case Management > Rules section of the admin (you'll find this at /admin/case-management/rules), creating a new rule called "Auto-Reply", and specifying that it applies to the Email channel.
  5. Now set up the conditions of your new rule to check that you're responding to a new case, specify the number of hours since your last auto-acknowledgment, and add the action of sending your auto-reply.

*Customization available under Plus plan only.

Your auto-reply rule, visualized

You rule will look at lot like this:

Activate the rule and you're all set! will now send your custom auto-reply when a customer emails you. Thanks for reading, and please let us know if you have more ideas for quick tips at


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