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Color me happy: A customer service coloring book customer service coloring book

Let’s face it: Customer service is stressful. While most service agents are optimistic and upbeat by nature, they do run the risk of irate encounters with every email, phone call, and Tweet. It’s only natural for support folks to want an outlet — something to help them relax and decompress. That’s why we created this awesome new Customer Service Coloring Book.

The Customer Service Coloring Book is a tongue-in-cheek look at the daily life of service agents. It’s also printable and free, making it the perfect therapy to distract from the everyday pressures of customer support — handling cases, answering questions, and staring at screens. Download it now and get started over your next lunch break, in a team meeting, or even on your summer vacation. We know the Type-A folks among you will create glorious works of art. But rest assured, Picasso: There’s no requirement to stay inside the lines.

Need more incentive to give our customer service coloring book a try? Check out these 8 science-backed reasons to pick up your crayons.

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