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We all know that honesty is the best policy, but did you know only 4% of your customers will actually tell you if they’re unhappy? That means 96% of your customers might be bottling up any dissatisfactions. Talk about passive-aggressive! 

Sure, there are tools available to help businesses understand how customers feel about their company — but those options are often limited, technically speaking. NPS (Net Promoter Score), for example, helps companies determine which customers are loyal and which customers are detractors but doesn’t provide reasons why they are one or the other.

That’s why we developed the Customer Health Monitor.

The new Customer Health Monitor shows you how customers are likely feeling based on recent transactions they’ve had with your team. You can use that information to deliver a customized service experience to elevate their moods or keep them happy. It also helps you identify which customers need special attention.

So how does it work?

Customer Health Monitor uses four parameters to calculate the health of your customers: average case interactions (average total interactions between your customer and your agent), number of currently open tickets, total number of tickets, and average customer satisfaction (CSAT) score over the last 60 days. [Side note: Check out this article to turn on CSAT functionality within] And because every business is unique, and the definition of a healthy customer varies from company to company,’s Customer Health Monitor can be customized to measure the indicators that matter most to your business. You can easily turn parameters on and off, but you can also set the “good/average” and “average/poor” thresholds to be relevant to your business. For example, if you have a complex product with issues that may require many interactions to solve, you can tweak the health score threshold to accommodate for that and keep every customer relationship healthy.

With Customer Health Monitor you’ll never have to wonder how your customers are feeling; you’ll know their sentiments in an instant. And when you see a customer is unhappy, feel free to offer a little extra attention. A little goes a long way in customer service.

Customer Health Monitor is now available in the Business Plus plan. Check out our product page for more information about how you can take advantage of the Customer Health Monitor at

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