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Control the chaos: Leave your shared inbox behind

Learn more about how you can control the chaos and make customers happy.

Startups often spend so much time concentrating on a product launch that they forget what happens after go-live… You’ve got customers, and customers need help.

Many businesses begin a fledgling customer service program using a shared email account. The customer service team (which is sometimes just the CEO) responds to email requests for help and routes cases by placing messages in folders. And while that system may work for a hot minute, it certainly can’t grow alongside you. Eventually things get confusing… Some customers will get multiple responses, while others get none at all, and cases will fall through the cracks. You may as well play customer case roulette — which isn’t as fun as it sounds.

To be successful, you’ve got to control the chaos and focus on making your customers happy. Watch this video and see how a fast-growing startup, LightSwitchBox, goes from complete chaos to customer bliss thanks to an all-in-one helpdesk from

Learn more about how you can control the chaos and make customers happy



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