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Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations

Fact: The importance of the customer experience has risen. If you’re like most fast-growing companies, the odds are good if you’re already prioritizing customer interactions and satisfaction.

According to Forrester Research, 43% of organizations report a correlation between improved Agent experience and better customer satisfaction outcomes. However, many companies face challenges when it comes to improving their customer service operation, from integration complexity to organizational resistance to change. As a result, Agents struggle with multiple applications to service customers effectively. In addition, customer service managers are not empowered with the right support solutions to gain insight about their customer interactions.

We wanted to find out how fast-growing companies are delivering customer service today and better understand how they will use it in the future. On behalf of and, Forrester Research commissioned a study and polled 196 customer service decision makers in the U.S. and asked:

1) What do you believe makes a successful customer service interaction?

2) What do you believe impacts your customer service metrics the most?

3) What are your organization’s biggest challenges to improving the customer experience?

4) What are the challenges that your customer service managers face?

5) What are the challenges that your customer service Agents face?

6) What are the main measurements of success for your customer service operations?

7) What are the three most important priorities for improving customer service?

8) What are the perceived risks of not adopting a help desk in your organization?

What we found was eye opening.

The answers are revealed in our latest infographic: “The Key Trends Facing Customer Service Organizations.” Learn the top customer service trends that your business should pay attention to in order to deliver world-class customer service.


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