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How to Maximize Your Customer Service Productivity

Fast growing companies need to provide the same level of productivity as their larger counterparts. As your business grows, you don’t always have the luxury to grow your support team at the same pace. You need to have that productivity built in. Providing great customer service is about connecting with your customers where they are and using efficiency tools to help you achieve that level of quality. At, we increase agent productivity in three ways:

1) Empower People

It’s about giving employees permission and encouraging them to just be themselves. Zappos is a great example of a this. They’ve built a company culture focused on customer service and customer and employee happiness, and it’s baked into their beliefs, their customer interactions, and even the way they hire. It’s key that the people who are involved in establishing the culture participate in supporting and strengthening that culture. When an employee sees another employee going above and beyond to help the customer, it’s contagious.

2) Provide Agents With the Information They Need

If your business wants to effectively increase productivity, you need to give your agents the tools to answer those repetitive questions with prepared responses. You also need to give agents access to shared knowledge and expertise across departments so they can crowdsource the right solution.’s all-in-one customer service application makes this possible. Our interface allows companies to track customer requests to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. also has notes and notifications that let you collaborate with your teammates and with other parts of your organization. All of this helps you deliver the right solutions to the customer and advocate for the customer. Being organized and productive increases agent efficiency, which in turn, increases revenue.

3) Provide a Self-Service Support Center

In order for the agent to be as productive as possible, it’s imperative that their time isn’t being tied up in ways that it doesn’t have to be. If your agents are frequently being asked the same general questions, consider adding that information to your support center. This can eliminate a lot of unnecessary calls or emails, which can free up more of your agent’s time. In fact, our customer SmugMug is seeing 25 to 30% of the requests that are going to an e-mail form are being self-answered before they had submit.

That’s really what your company needs to drive towards. It’s not just about customer support, it’s about how you can use customer support to go through the entire organization. This is how we at think about agent productivity and we never think about anything without thinking about wowing our customers and providing awesomely responsive customer support. It’s not always about productivity, it’s about balancing productivity with that quality.

Two companies that effectively balance productivity with that quality is One Kings Lane and Pandora. Everything they do leads to the customer support team being the closest of any group in the organization to the customers, which gives them a huge responsibility to become the advocates for the customer. By being advocates for the customer, they are actually increasing the productivity not just for support but for the entire organization. One Kings Lane and Pandora have shared some amazing best practices on agent productivity to help your business have a competitive advantage.

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