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RJshop’s eCommerce Self-Service Support Is Music to Customers’ Ears

RJshop moves to its own beat when it comes to customer service. This ecommerce company that sells audio equipment to professional DJs and small businesses has a strong philosophy about shopping as a “customer experience” — and believes self-serve customer service plays a pivotal role. To provide a seamless experience for customers, RJshop relies on for customer support, as well as its own seasoned and passionate support and sales people. In fact, nearly everyone in the company is involved with day-to-day customer support, with six out of 10 employees always on point to help customers. “Just because you’re an ecommerce company doesn’t mean you can hide behind the Internet wall,” says Rene Jansen, RJshop’s CEO.

RJshop sings the praises of’s knowledge base

Experience RJshop.nlSelf-service customer support doesn’t mean customer service agents are out of a job. In fact, the sales and support teams at RJshop constantly work to keep the vast amount of self-serve information up to date. For RJshop, self-service is just one of the many channels it uses to support customers — who expect any time, anywhere service. Enabling customers to solve basic issues themselves gives the company’s agents more time to handle more complex cases via phone, chat and email.

The most useful ecommerce self-service customer support provides information on a broad range of topics, from payment and shipping to product set-up. That’s why RJshop puts a lot of effort into creating numerous materials in a variety of formats to help their customers. “Using’s knowledge base, we are able to deliver relevant articles, videos, screenshots, guides and more to help our customers troubleshoot and get what they need, fast,” explains Jansen.

RJshop  customers also can use a convenient contact form to ask questions or request a proposal. These requests are automatically tracked in as cases, making it easy for agents to monitor and see where the customer was on the site when they filled out the form. This is useful for knowing the context of the request when responding to the customer, and also helps the team improve the online experience.

“Our customers don’t want to wait, they need quick solutions,” adds Jansen. “But their needs are constantly changing. One moment the customer has all the information they need and wants to deploy or install products on their own — and then in the next moment the same customer has an important question and needs quick, reliable help from someone on the phone. No matter what they need, with, we are able to serve customers with the same high quality on any channel.”




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