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Better Customer Support: A Holiday Gift from the Product Team

Before you “Deck the halls,” check out 3 new product updates that will help you #DesktheHalls with awesome service. These stocking stuffers will enable more proactive customer support, deeper analytics, and a better way to capture information so your customer service team can be more productive and do a better job keeping customers happy.

Better Customer Success with Customer Health Monitor – Available Now!

Get beyond CSAT and uncover customer sentiment to take a more holistic and proactive approach to every support interaction. We hear a lot about the importance of reducing churn in your customer base, and the Customer Health Monitor combines recent support interactions with CSAT to quickly calculate a customer health score that agents can use immediately in every interaction. Just one quick insight can help customer support agents deliver better support in the moment, and contribute to your overall customer success. Find best practices for using the Customer Health Monitor with the parameters that will help drive better customer success for your company this holiday season.

Your custom dashboards could look like this: Configurable Dashboard

Awesome Support Analytics with Customizable Dashboards – Available Now!

You can get a snapshot of everything happening in your support organization with our Standard Dashboards available in Business Insights, but the Customizable Dashboards that let you interact directly with your data will blow your mind. Get excited about support analytics with your own set of festively-colored dashboards to measure everything from case volume, response time, agent performance, CSAT, custom fields, and more! This video will show you the power of Customizable Dashboards, including where to find them in your helpdesk software.

Boost Productivity with Dependent Drop-Downs – Available Now!

With parent-child dependencies now available for custom fields, you’ll ring in the New Year with more than one family. Dependent Drop-Downs are available in the Next Gen Agent Console as well as on your self-service customer support center so both agents and customers get a better experience and you get the customer information your company needs. This has been one of our most popular customer requests and now it’s easy to build dependent relationships before the holidays withthis handy setup guide.

With these useful features powering your customer support, you’ll be merry and bright all year long. And so will your customers.

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