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Esteban Kolsky Predicts - The Return of the Customer in 2011

What a year 2010 has been.

We saw the emergence of the Social Customer, that rare breed of opinionated, passionate customer that wants the best from the companies they do business with.  They have opinions and the way to disperse them.  They are fully engrossed in becoming part of the vendor’s research and development teams, and they want to see good customer service in return.  If not, they are going to tell people about it.

They are something like we’ve never seen before – right?

What’s that? They are the same customer as before?

Yep.  They sure are.

There is no social customer; it never existed.

Let’s stop pretending there is a new breed of customer out there that requires special attention.  Instead of wasting money trying to attract and retain a “new” customer and turn them into “advocates” or “champions” spend that time and resources in shoring up your customer service.  Bring those newfangled social channels into your contact center (if it makes sense, check first) and deliver an excellent, amazing, awesome customer experience through any and all channels that will keep them coming for more.

How? Same as you’ve done before – stay the course, focus on customer-centric processes, and remember that one bird in the hand (one earned and retained customer) is better than two in the bush (two social customers).

Have a great 2011, and continue to improve your customer service – you will need it.

Editor's Note: Better advice you won't find . . . and Esteban is also right when he says that 2010 has been quite the year. I owe him many thanks for seeing our blog out this year with a "Kolsky bang." To all our friends, colleagues, partners, customers, and contributors, we wish all of you the most bountiful New Year.

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