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Excellent Customer Service: 10 Reasons to Pay Attention

Here are 10 reasons to pay attention to excellent customer service:

  1. Excellent customer service builds trust and confidence. Customer service builds brand awareness and brand confidence. Customer service builds trust. When the customer has an expectation of a reliable, repeatable, pleasurable experience with a brand, loyalty increases.  Customers have good role models for excellent customer service and their expectations continue to rise.
  2. Happy Agents = Happy Customers. Progressive companies emphasizing providing customer support and customer experience are more likely to have a career path for customer representatives. This means lower employee "churn" and lowered staff costs.
  3. A cost center no more. Spectacular customer service takes service and support out of the "cost center" category and turns it toward "business driver."
  4. The survey says . . . . Customer service is more important than price to 10% of buyers, which makes it a revenue enhancer.
  5. Lowers barriers, reduces friction. Customer service insights, acted upon, make processes and messages more efficient, encouraging self-service and friction-free transactions. Friction-free service and support are now known to be the main drivers of the Customer Experience Score. The point isn't just whether an issue is resolved, but whether the customer's effort to get to resolution was acceptable.
  6. Customer Wow is a competitive advantage. Customer service is a disruptive and sustainable competitive advantage—we've all seen that companies can rise to great heights on Customer Wow.
  7. Great service helps retain customers. Customer service can make it easier and more graceful to cross-sell, up-sell, and migrate customers within the product/service line, making them "customers for life." Customers for life have lasting value. Retained customers are much less expensive than acquiring new customers.
  8. Customer service is cost effective. It's more expensive to acquire customers than to retain existing customers.
  9. Customer service encourages advocacy and evangelism which act as turbo boosters on social networks and other non-traditional channels. Advocacy and evangelism elevate the Voice of the Customer and encourage co-creation. Advocates and evangelists are unpaid members of the marketing team.
  10. The customer has never been more powerful than today, with the ability to offer opinions that can reach anyone on the planet. Customer service amplifies positive word of mouth. Over 50% of people will not do business with a company that has poor customer service. This decision, even in a poor economy, is based on service, not price.
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