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Customer Service Week Is All About You – and Our New Expert Guest Writers

This is National Customer Service Week and it’s a great time to remind ourselves (and our teams) how customer service is a key part of any successful business. Strategically, customer service can make or break a business’s bottom line. But it’s more than just the service culture and know how— it’s about the people who do the job. This is also a great week to show appreciation for our teams on the front line — those amazing agents who respond to customers and perform service heroics day in, and day out. Congratulations on jobs well done!

Be the Change

Twenty years ago, I built a customer support team from scratch. In those days, we did mostly phone support (though, to our credit, we had fledgling online community and an email support team). Customer service tools like did not exist. I had to spend $100,000 and 3 months building a rickety system on top of an Oracle database!

Today, for the price of a daily latte at Starbucks, you can give everybody in your company a cloud-based customer support system like And while technology has changed, the reasons we care about great customer service haven’t. Customer service can be your company’s key to greater profits, happier employees, amazing word-of-mouth marketing, and unshakable customer loyalty. We know this to be true at and we want to be the company that brings you the best information on how to use service to improve your business.

In the spirit of National Customer Service Week, we’re introducing two new regular expert guest writers to the blog: John Tschohl and Hank Brigman. Recognized customer service experts, John and Hank will draw from their many years of experience to share methodologies, tips and best practices.

Meet John Tschohl

John, called the “guru of customer service,” by USA Today, Time and Entrepreneur magazines, is a best-selling author, service strategist and president of Service Quality Institute.

For the last 31 years he has focused on helping organizations drive a service culture and create a customer experience through his technology built on practicality, simplicity and common sense. With his credibility and focus on empowerment and the power of the social media, he has the ability to emotionally communicate the power of the service strategy from top executives to the total workforce.

 Introducing W. H. “Hank” Brigman

Hank is recognized as an innovator and expert in the rapidly-growing discipline of Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Named one of 12 customer service experts to track, Hank was the first to define “touchpoint” on Wikipedia in 2004. Hank’s professional passion is helping organizations differentiate and build a defendable competitive advantage, touchpoint by customer touchpoint. Hank has driven quantifiable improvements for organizations large and small, B2B and B2C, international and local. As co-founder and President/CEO of an early CEM research consultancy, Hank co-invented the process for mapping touchpoints. This original process for inventorying, mapping, evaluating and improving individual customer touchpoints now forms the foundation of many of today’s CEM methodologies. A  sought after consultant, coach and speaker, Hank is wrapping up his first book, TOUCHPOiNT Power.

Expert Voices Every Week

We are proud to have these experts as part of the family, and you will hear from them regularly on our blog. John and Hank (along with other writers and experts will cover the customer service topics that can advance your business, including:

  • The customer service competitive advantage
  • Profitable customer service strategies
  • Customer service training and motivation
  • How to implement a service plan
  • Creating a customer-centric business
  • The core customer experience
  • Long-term customer service management
  • Enhancing advertising, marketing, and sales through customer service

At the End of the Day, It’s About You and Your Teams wants to be your “go to” resource for great tools and knowledge, but we know that this is but a tiny part of delivering great service. At the end of the day, it comes down to you and your teams. I know when I say this, I speak for everybody here at We are in awe of how important each and every customer service agent is to creating happy customers. And we’ll continue to work to support your service efforts in every way we can.

Take a moment (or three) to get inspired by your customers, your co-workers, your company … and by the thought-provoking, information-rich posts Hank and John will share on the blog this week and in weeks to come.

Matt Trifiro is Senior Vice President of Marketing for

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