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Five features you didn’t know you needed

A customer service team can make or break a business.

A customer service team can make or break a business. It’s essential that businesses of all sizes have the proper tools to react promptly to customers, whether through email, a phone call, or a social media message. As your business and customer base grows, simply hiring more customer service representatives is not a sufficient solution. You’ll need a system to organize and label inquiries, keep track of continued correspondence, and most importantly, track customer orders. And all of this needs to integrate seamlessly with your current free email platform (Gmail, Yahoo, or even Hotmail).

When we reached this pivotal point in our growth at FreeLogoServices, we turned to’s helpdesk software to help elevate our team’s efficiency. While the learning process of a customer service solution caused some growing pains (like learning anything new does), we quickly realized that there were several amazing features this system offered that we did not even know we needed. Here they are.

“I really do not know how we functioned in customer service without it!”
~ Danielle, Customer Service Specialist
  1. Ease of Integration - We needed software that would jibe with our current admin tools and give us the freedom to expand to a more complex system like Salesforce in the future. This integration lets us access a customer’s information, including what they have purchased, in one click -- instead of a multi-step copy-and-paste process using their email addresses.
  2. A Universal Inbox System - As our product offering expanded, so did the channels our customers used to get in touch with us. A universal inbox, like the tool, combines emails, social media responses, and phone calls in one location. Now our phone-based cases are associated with any email conversations allowing us to better service our customers. These integrations have dramatically improved our response time and our accuracy.
  3. Advanced Labeling Options - The ability to create custom labels was an overwhelming advantage over our previous system. New label options, in conjunction with the Quickcodes features, allow us to filter customer issues by priority; now we can escalate customers that need immediate attention. Additionally, using Quickcodes, we can assign specific problems to certain CS specialists ensuring that all customers receive the highest quality, most accurate answers to their problems.
  4. Reporting - As an added benefit to both our company and our clients, we can now pull data on our customers’ top concerns and questions, as well as implement performance reports for our customer service specialists. This lets us provide both positive and instructional feedback, by representative, to help improve the customer experience. Pretty cool, huh?
  5. Multiple User Login - Before our entire team would have to use one login and password. The team had to communicate constantly, usually via a non-reliable chat-system, about which emails had been answered and which needed follow-up or escalation. Now if a case is opened, everyone knows. Not only has this improved time management, it’s also drastically decreased the number of unanswered emails.

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