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Five fantastic customer service sessions at Dreamforce


Content sessions are the bread-and-butter of Dreamforce. The way you learn new strategies and best practices. The way you cram a year’s worth of learning into just one week. Sure, Dreamforce is also packed with inspiring speakers, networking, and events — but the real reason you go is to up your game via loads of education.

We’re happy to report the Dreamforce 2016 agenda builder is live and ready for action. Get in there now to check out all the fabulous customer service speakers and sessions waiting for you.

Just register for Dreamforce, then start reserving your top sessions before they fill up. Here are five hard-hitting customer service sessions, guaranteed to help you ratchet your service up a notch (or twelve).

Building Your Small Business Brand with Customer Service

Customer service can help you promote a unique brand personality that makes customers feel connected to your brand and more likely to engage, translating into increased loyalty. Join us to learn how some of the most successful startups are using customer support to build unique and memorable brands.

Big Support with a Small Team

Small businesses face unique challenges when supporting a high volume of cases. When cases fall through the cracks, agents become overwhelmed, but with the right tools your small business can offer big business support with ease. Join us to learn how your team can take on thousands of cases while increasing customer satisfaction scores.

Measure Customer Success to Maximize Impact

Everyone wants to provide awesome customer service and set their customers up for success, but how do you know how well you’re doing? Learn how to measure your team’s performance and maximize their efforts so you can be sure you’re delivering the awesome service your customers deserve.

5 Best Practices for Building a Customer Experience that Scales

Everyone knows keeping customers happy can drive growth, but did you know customer service is the key to offering the kind of amazing experiences that turn a first-time buyer into a customer for life? Join us to hear five best practices that will help you design a customer experience strategy that grows with you. See examples of small and midsized companies all over the world that achieve success through a focus on customer service.

Tips to Build a Self-Service Center and Drive Adoption

Self-service tools help customers find solutions quickly and give agents more time to focus on higher priority issues. Building out a self-service center for your customers can be a game changer for your business. In this session, we'll discuss how to create the right customer-facing content — and how to get your customers to use it.

Go to the Dreamforce Agenda builder to check out all the amazing opportunities for small and medium businesses at Dreamforce. We’ve got everything you need to help you find the right customers, close more deals, and keep those customers for life. Join us!


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