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Four tips for preparing your support center for the holiday rush

Your brand is a reflection of your company identity – while its core remains the same, its mood shifts with every season to accommodate people's changing needs: from swimsuits to backpacks to umbrellas to Easter eggs, and back again. But as retail businesses know well, the holiday season calls for a lengthier and more invested preparation.

As shops entice their customers with holiday specials and décor, websites must also incorporate festive design elements to accompany seasonal promotions and holiday-related products. Just don't forget to maintain consistency across your channels – including your help desk, support center, and customer service emails. Here are four simple ways to leverage your support channels to get more sales, enhance communication, and express gratitude during the busiest season.

Tip # 1 - Feature a festive banner with your product specials that links to a holiday landing page

Of course, make sure your banner links back to a brand consistent product webpage. The visitors who land in your support center are returning customers or potential customers researching products, thus making it a great place to feature new products and encourage orders.

Some examples? Check out these customer service support centers to see Best Buy's free 2-day shipping, Crate & Barrel's 3-day sales, Nordstrom's festive background images, and Old Navy's holiday pop-up promos.

Best Buy: "Free 2 day shipping"

Best Buy -- Free 2 day shipping

Crate & Barrel: "3 days left..."

Crate & Barrel -- 3 day sale

Nordstrom: Festive background image, banner

Nordstrom holiday Support Center

Old Navy: Pop up promotion

Old Navy: pop up promotion

Tip #2 - Include an enticing promotion to your support email header that links back to your site

If you currently don't use a public FAQ, customer service emails can be a great place to communicate information about holiday promotions such as free shipping or sales. Include a subtle promotional banner, add simple text to your email header/footer, or offer a seasonal greeting to express your appreciation for your customer's loyalty. Customize your email reply theme with promotions that link back to a holiday landing page.

Holiday Landing Page

 Lotus - email reply template - designed by Themes For Desk

Tip# 3 - Create holiday-related content

The holiday season is all about conversion, and timing is everything! A customer seeking information on a product they previously purchased may land on one of your FAQ articles between now and the holiday without intentionally looking to buy. Use this article to provide information about new generation products and features.

Alternatively, create a new article that addresses questions relating to services offered specifically during the holiday season, including shipping information and product availability. You can also embed a live Twitter feed to alert your customer of promotional updates, or add special custom fields to your contact form with holiday season services options.

Custom Holiday Email Form

Tip #4 - Show your gratitude

The holiday season is a time to express thanks; a warm or humorous greeting can go a long way, creating a memorable impression of your brand. As we all begin to reflect on the various holiday messages, gratitude and seasonal greetings should definitely be part of the entire brand experience -- from sales and marketing to customer service and support.

Lorena: Holiday Support Center


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