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Webinar: The future of small business innovation

Webinar: The future of small business innovation

Does innovation = success? It’s certainly no accident that some of the world’s most innovative companies are also some of the most successful. So what are their secrets?

Join us Thursday, May 4, on Salesforce Live to learn how innovation helps propel small business growth. Our expert panel will discuss the various ways businesses can innovate, trends affecting innovation, and why some businesses are “better” at innovating than others. Learn tips for fostering creativity at your own company and for making innovation a central part of your culture.

This hard-hitting webinar features business leaders and experts from Salesforce, SaaStr, Square, and Zenefits, as well as the Small Business Administration. The panel will discuss:

  • What makes a great innovator

  • Trends affecting business innovation

  • How to create and nurture an innovative culture

  • And so much more

Register now to reserve your spot. We look forward to having you there!

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