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Give Your Business One Less Thing to Think About [Webinar]

Tracy Foster and Laurie McCabe will discuss how small businesses need to adapt to changing customer expectations.

Small business leaders have a lot to think about [understatement of the year!]. But with everything they’ve got going on — from product launches and software to hiring and competitive research — it’s vital that they stay in touch with customer needs.

That may sound obvious, but with today’s social and mobile technologies, the way businesses and customers interact is changing. Since companies have dozens of ways to know and keep up with their customers, if customers so much as think you’re out of touch — poof! — they’re gone, defecting to a competitor that pays them more attention.

So how can you make sure your growing business has the right tools to meet these new lofty expectations? We’ve got just the answer.

Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, November 8, at 9:00 a.m. PT (12:00 noon ET), as Laurie McCabe, five-time Small Business Influencer Award winner and Cofounder & Partner at SMB Group, speaks with Tracy Foster, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at, about why customer expectations are changing and how small businesses can adapt to succeed.

They’ll discuss the unique challenges facing small businesses, plus ways to assess your current sales, marketing, and service approach. Learn how the right CRM solution helps you meet evolving expectations, giving you — you guessed it — one less thing to think about. Learn more and register now.

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