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Editor’s Note: "Evolve! Grow Your Business Through Collaboration"  is an eBook created by You can download the original eBook here.

Collaboration between customers, managers and employees can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of a company. his kind of collaboration is especially vital for fast-growing companies that want to grow. But why do fast-growing companies find it difficult to institute collaboration? Forty-percent of general organizations cite “complexity” as the greatest barrier to improve the customer experience, over determining the right “organizational structure of a team. Here are three ways that can make your business more successful through collaboration:

1. Invest in Intuitive Productivity Tools

In a small company, failure to coordinate means being pulled in every direction at once and going nowhere. Combine that with the chaos that comes from trying to use business applications that don’t integrate seamlessly and business growth stalls. Having the right systems in place to make it easy for you and your Agents to resolve Cases and for your customers to be heard. This can help you create smart workflows to be more efficient and give you a centralized knowledge base to power all of your customer interactions.

2. Practice “Whole Company Support”

Customer service should not be isolated into a single department, it should be a company wide philosophy. True customer companies practice the “whole company support” philosophy, where it’s everyone’s job — from product to marketing to support to sales — to listen to and engage with their customers. Whole Company Support offers benefits to customers and companies alike. Companies can glean insights on what customers want and build better products. Customers can get the support they need from the person that can help them the best. And that leads us to the next point.

3. Focus on the Success of the Customer

When you company works together, you can have a single-view of the customer and can focus on making them most successful. Go above and beyond to listen to the customer and find out ways to help them be more successful. Understand their pain points and how you can alleviate them is what earns your customers’ loyalty and referrals. When you make customer success your priority, improving your product, company and bottom line will follow.

To learn more about teamwork and the productivity tools to help you scale your business, check out this free e-book "Evolve! Grow Your Business Through Collaboration."


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