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Healthcare Business Spotlight: How ElationEMR builds healthy physician relationships with

Offer patient-centric healthcare solutions with

When you think about customer service in the healthcare industry, patient-centric solutions probably come to mind first. But what happens when the doctors and physicians providing this care need a better way to maintain their patient data and medical records? That’s where ElationEMR comes in. ElationEMR is an electronic medical record platform built to help put physicians first. We spoke with Conan Fong, Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, about how ElationEMR uses to keep healthy relationships with their network of doctors.

What’s your approach to customer service at ElationEMR?

At Elation, we’re not just focused on supporting the doctors themselves, but also on giving them the tools needed to better help their patients. For so long, the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) industry focused on billing and administration, overlooking the key to any medical practice: the physician. That’s why my sister and I created ElationEMR. Just like doctors are on call for their patients, we are always on call for our doctors.

What challenges led you to look for a better customer support solution?

When our doctors need help, it’s usually time sensitive for a patient, so we need to be ready with helpful, friendly customer service. Previously, our physicians used a feedback button within our app to send support inquiries. But as the company grew, we got to the point where the existing support process was no longer working. And in an industry where response time is critical, we started to worry that our existing process wouldn’t allow our support agents to properly prioritize and get help to physicians in a timely fashion.

Why did you choose for support?

We looked at a number of customer support solutions, but ultimately chose for its feature-rich interface and cost-effective pricing. It was a low-cost option that would help us achieve the result we wanted. Now, we have a centralized hub for communications with doctors in Our support agents have a fast, easy way to support our customers, and we can also track feedback and metrics to keep improving our business.

Have you integrated with any systems?

In addition to supporting our network of doctors via email, we’ve also integrated with RingCentral’s phone system. Now our support agents never have to leave when speaking with physicians, allowing them to solve cases as quickly as possible.

What benefits have you seen since you started using lets us focus on the metrics important to our team. We consistently hit our goals of responding to 90% of requests within one business day and responding to 100% of urgent requests within 30 minutes, thanks to We’ve also dramatically reduced our average response time by 77% helping our physicians faster so they can continue to provide care for their patients.

Read the full case study to learn more about how ElationEMR uses to provide healthy customer service every time.



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