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How do you get 2274% ROI from your customer service? Just ask Formstack!

Whole company support. It’s a not just a great way for fast-growing companies to make sure customer requests don’t slip through the cracks during busy times. It’s also the easiest way for your employees to get to know your products, and more importantly, your customers. Many small businesses default to a shared email inbox to manage inquiries, but savvy ones understand that a relatively small expenditure on a customer support app that lets your entire team support customers can pay off big time.

Formstack, an online leader in creating, managing, and hosting online forms and surveys has realized the benefit of implementing a customer support app, to the tune of 2274% ROI in just two weeks. How did they do it? By switching to Now it’s easy to manage all their customer support needs and let everyone at the company be a part of helping customers.

Here are three ways Formstack is getting the most out of their investment that you can apply to your own fast-growing company today:

Flex Pricing’s flexible pricing model helps Formstack maintain high-touch service while continuing to grow rapidly. In addition to the company’s regular agents, every single employee can pitch in during busy times to support customers. And because Flex pricing costs just $1.75 per hour, Formstack saved over $166K annually in support costs by switching to

Knowledge Base and Help Center

With a dedicated support team of just 12 agents, Formstack needed a way to deflect repetitive questions from customers so their lean team could focus on solving more complex issues. By taking advantage of’s knowledge base capabilities in, Formstack built a self-service help center so customers can find answers on their own — even from their mobile phones. Formstack estimates that 200 calls are deflected each month through their portal. And since the knowledge base is intuitive and easily searchable, everyone has the latest support content at their fingertips for fast, consistent service every time.

Productivity Tools

Formstack takes advantage of’s intuitive user interface and agent productivity tools to keep cases moving toward resolution. Macros enable employees to rapidly respond to customer inquiries with consistent quality. Automated workflows for case tagging help them keep a pulse on the top customer issues so they can continue to improve support content and enrich the knowledge base.

Since implementing, Formstack’s customers are even happier with the service they receive. “Before customer satisfaction was at 75 percent, and now we're at 95 percent,” says Duane Hunt, VP of Operations at Formstack. “It’s the speed and ability of support people to engage and respond to customers in a much better fashion. We’ve been able to increase the lifetime value of a customer, and saw drops in our churn metrics just from switching the software.” Read the full Nucleus ROI case study, and see how your fast-growing business can start reaping the benefits of fast, awesome, cost-effective support with today.

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