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How to prepare your team for a product launch

Prepare your team for a product launch.

Small-business owners know a successful product launch is everything. A poor launch wastes countless resources and can destroy months — years, even — of planning. When we recently launched our new custom tents, we created a finite plan of how to go live. As a result, we learned a few things… things that might help your team through a product launch, too.

Step 1: Create physical resources.

Physical resources help your team know exactly what’s launching, why you’re launching, and how you hope to achieve sales. For example, we printed off specs on our custom tents to give to our team members. This allowed all of our team members to review the information throughout the process and answer any questions customers may have.

Step 2: Brainstorm FAQs.

Customers will always have the same basic questions about your product. Come up with a list of potential questions and answers so make it easy for your product teams and customer service agents. Here’s a start for you:

  • What is the product?
  • What is the benefit of the product?
  • Why should a customer purchase the product?
  • Is the product cost-effective?
  • How does your product stand out from what's in the market?

Step 3: Teach your team about the product.

Your team members only know as much about a product as you tell them. Teach your team members the ins-and-outs, including how to use your product. All team members should feel comfortable working with your product, know how everything works, and be able to explain how to use it in different ways.

Step 4: Practice product demonstrations. 

Some products can be complicated, and your customers may not understand how to use them right off the bat. Your team members must understand how to explain, use, and demonstrate a product in front of customers before actually trying to sell it. Have your team members practice product demonstrations on each other.

Step 5: Practice your pitch.

Your team members need to know exactly what to say about your product during the launch. Emphasize the FAQ answers to your team members, and encourage team members to try to cover the basics before customers ask. This will show customers your team is the expert resource for your product.

Step 6: Plan how to close a sale.

Having the information ready for customers is critical to a successful product launch, but your team members need to know what to do after a potential customer expresses interest. During our product launch, we focused on keeping all team members on track with this series of steps.

  • Return customer calls immediately. Let them know you’re a real person and that you're available to them.
  • Discuss the customer's needs for this quote, so you're meeting all expectations. We also like to ask if they need quotes on other items we offer.
  • Create a quote based on the customer’s needs.
  • Send the quote and any applicable resources, which include computer-generated images or links to online resources for order completion.
  • Complete a follow-up call on the next day and after one week of the initial contact, demonstration or inquiry.

As a result, every part of the customer journey can be documented and scripted, which allows for better conversion rates of leads to purchasing customers.

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