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INFOGRAPHIC: Integrating customer service to every part of your business

In today's hyper-connected world, it's more important than ever to be a customer-centric company. When you put customers at the heart of your business, everyone at your company can work together more effectively and deliver amazing experiences every time. For fast-growing businesses, the benefits of collaborating across different departments to offer amazing customer experiences are even more obvious. But when you have limited resources and staff, how do you put this into action? Turns out it's easy.

Infographic: Integrating to put customer service at the heart of your business

By connecting your support helpdesk to different departments in your company, you give everyone more visibility to the latest customer interactions and more effectively share customer feedback.


Couldn't your sales reps be more effective if they knew whether customers had any problems with your products or services? Couldn't they offer better cross-sell opportunities if they know more about customer needs and preferences? When you share customer information in real time, sales and service both have the 360-degree views they need to collaborate more effectively and be more productive.


Connecting marketing and support is a no-brainer. By learning about customer needs and wants, marketing can craft messaging that speaks to your targets, not to mention the right offers and promotions. With information from support, marketing can outline new campaigns and do a better job of measuring their effectiveness. Support can also help you identify which customers are at risk for churn so you can take the right actions to retain them.

Strategy and Operations

Running a business requires constant strategic and operational decisions while trying to sprint forward with finite resources and plenty of constraints. Data from your support tool can help you optimize agent productivity, ensuring that customers always come first. It can also give you valuable insights about the competitive landscape that can help you fine-tune short-term initiatives and long-term strategy.


Your support team can be one of your best sources of feedback and a key driver of product innovation. Like a virtual canary in a coalmine, service agents can spot problems before you even know they exist. Your support team is also a great source of information about the most popular feature requests so you can add them to your roadmap and prioritize the right product updates.

It used to be that only big companies that could afford expensive consulting projects could integrate their back office systems. The cloud has changed all of that. Check out our new infographic to see how you can grow your business by integrating customer service into everything you do.

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