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Internal helpdesk: How Search for Common Ground uses to support employees

Search for Common Ground (SFCG), a non-profit focused on conflict resolution, about how he uses to manage an internal ticketing system.

When you think about support, you probably think about customers. But what happens when the people you need to support are your employees? Don’t they deserve fast, helpful answers too? Of course! We talked with Brad Fondak, Global IT Manager at Search for Common Ground (SFCG), a non-profit focused on conflict resolution, about how he uses to manage an internal ticketing system.

Why were you looking for an internal ticketing system?

We  have 54 offices in 36 countries, so supporting employees can be a challenge! We wanted to build an external-facing website so our employees and partners around the world could easily get help.

What types of things do employees need help with?

We get internal tickets on everything from “I can’t get into my account” to “the keyboard doesn’t work in the conference room” to problems with our Google sheets. It’s a range -- sometimes very repetitive, other times quite complicated.

What features were most important to you in an internal helpdesk solution?

First, as a non-profit, we have to do a lot on a little; so cost was important to us. Beyond that, we wanted to be able to automate our support processes — especially the repetitive ones — so we could be as efficient as possible. We also needed to be able to customize the system.

What does support with look like now?

We have a public helpdesk site that requires our employees and partners to login. They can browse FAQ content (powered by and we have forms customized by department, so we get more details about their request. Many of our employees still send emails when they need help, though, and that feeds into too. Filters and rules send every request to the right person or group for follow up.

Do you integrate with any systems?

Integration with Google Apps lets our agents upload documents to cases or automatically start a Chat or Hangout from within a case. We also integrated our procurement system, so agents can quickly get information on purchases and shipping schedules without leaving

How many requests does your internal helpdesk manage in

We have 25 full-time and 25 part-time employees using to offer support for our IT, operations, finance, and communications departments. We’re up past 23,000 requests handled annually — so it’s pretty significant!

Want to learn more? Read the full case study to see how Search for Common Ground uses daily to give employees fast, helpful, consistent support.

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