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Introducing Desk 360: Enabling SMBs to Transform Customer Support Interactions into Memorable Customer Experiences

Turn your regular customer support into real customer engagement with Desk 360.

We've all been there. On hold, waiting interminably for help from customer service. After an agent finally picks up and you explain your problem, they say "Oh yeah, sorry. That's not my job." As a customer, it's downright infuriating. As a customer service agent, you feel helpless. And as a company, it's revenue literally walking out the door. Today, we're excited to unveil Desk 360 to solve this exact problem.

With Desk 360, SMBs can empower their support teams to engage more effectively and knowledgeably with customers and provide them with the top-notch, personalized experience they deserve. According to a recent study, Customers 2020, customer experience has actually overtaken both price and product as the number one key brand differentiator. By making customer experience a priority for the entire company from the beginning, SMBs will have a competitive advantage over large companies.

Desk 360 includes three key capabilities that SMBs are going to love and that will help them take their customer experience to the next level—Customer and Company Views, Customer and Company Insights and Opportunity Insights.

Customer and Company Views and Customer and Company Insights are all about providing support agents with richer context around support interactions so they can deliver personalized experiences every time. For example, if you contact a retail company regarding an incorrect shipment of furniture, using Customer and Company Views, the agent will be able to quickly see that you or someone at your company have experienced a similar issue in the past. Having this information will allow the agent to move beyond simply closing the case to personalizing the customer experience by addressing the ongoing issue and offering to provide you with free shipping moving forward. And with Customer and Company Insights, the agent can dig even deeper and see that you have traditionally experienced a large volume of problems at the start of the year, when you are investing in new offices. Now the furniture retailer can proactively assign a dedicated service agent that can handle any issues when it matters most—delivering personalized experience from end to end!

With Opportunity Insights, SMBs will have the power of sales and service combined, providing agents with a complete 360-degree view of customers. And they can use that important account information to give customers what they want, when they want it. Just imagine that you organize the lunchtime catering for a large meeting every month, but one month that order comes without sandwiches. With Opportunity Insights, when you call a support agent about this incomplete order, not only can they resolve your problem but they also set up a recurring order for you without transferring you to a sales person.

Finally, no more, "That's not my job."

Desk 360 lets you see customer information by case, company, customer, or any way you want it for a more complete view of your customers.

Desk 360 will be generally available in the second half of 2016. Customer and Company Views and Insights will be available at no additional charge for all editions of Opportunity Insights will be available at no additional charge to business plus edition of

We can't wait to hear how Desk 360 will transform your company's customer support interactions into memorable customer experiences!

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