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Introducing Opportunity Management: Building Companies with Awesome Service and Brand Loyalty Opportunity Management for Small Businesses

Salesforce loves helping SMBs find new ways to grow their businesses, and the best just got better because we’re introducing Opportunity Management, a new way to boost customer happiness and drive company growth. We designed, the all in one customer support solution, to empower service teams to deliver exceptional service. With Opportunity Management, companies can not only take their customer service to the next level but now also empower service agents to have richer conversations and engagements with customers about what they need to be successful.

It stands to reason that happy and loyal customers will spend more time and money with a brand. More often than not, service teams have the most direct interactions with customers, which means they are the face of your company’s brand experience and the perfect partner to cultivate deep, long-term relationships with customers.

With the launch of Opportunity Management, we’re giving service agents a new way to amp up the customer experience while contributing to bottom-line growth for the company. Opportunity Management allows agents to proactively suggest products or services that the customer is likely to need or appreciate—making it easy for them to identify, open and even close sales opportunities right within As a result, we’re creating a new, untapped source of revenue for fast-growing SMBs from inside the customer service team.

Just imagine: you’re shopping online for a birthday gift and you reach out to customer service for advice on the sizing of a shirt. With today’s announcement, a service agent using can not only provide guidance on the size of the shirt, they can also recommend the matching scarf and help you complete your purchase in one interaction. When the agent identifies that opportunity and helps close the sale, they’re delivering a fantastic experience for their customer while also helping the company grow.

This announcement also adds an entirely new dimension to the already powerful integrations of and SalesforceIQand Desk Connect with Salesforce. Now companies can sync opportunity data between, SalesforceIQ and Salesforce to better connect their sales and service teams, keeping everyone focused on customer success. Opportunity Management is expected to be generally available the first half of next year. Pricing for Opportunity Management will be announced at the time of generally availability, so stay tuned for more information.

We can’t wait to hear how this helps your team deliver a great customer experience and helps your business grow!

Learn more about Opportunity Management for on VentureBeat.

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