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New Salesforce Small Business Benchmark report: Customer experience is a companywide focus

Benchmarks for Small Business Growth Report

Every small business has big goals and aspirations, but how do you measure to see if you’re really on track? Finding the right benchmarks for growth is one of the most common challenges for small businesses. Recently, Salesforce Research surveyed more than 3,800 sales, service, and marketing leaders from small businesses around the world and found six benchmarks for customer success that span key areas in a growing small business -- like mobile apps and productivity, scaling with automation, talent retention, and more.

What really stood out for us here at were the findings around the customer experience and customer service teams. Read on to learn about three benchmarks you should pay attention to for your small business support team.

Customer experience is a company-wide responsibility

For small businesses, creating a great customer experience is a key area to build a competitive advantage over larger companies. Customers don’t care who they’re talking to when they need help -- they just want answers. Keeping customers at the center of everything is critical to growing a small business, so it’s important to have a unified experience across all your touchpoints with customers and across all your departments. In fact, 70% of high-performing small business service teams say they feel completely empowered to make customers happy. While refining and evolving the customer experience isn’t a goal unique to small businesses, it’s definitely something everyone at your growing company should have a part in.

70% of high-performing SMB service teams feel empowered to make customers happy

Quick tech adoption lends a competitive edge

There’s no question that the tools you choose to use at any business are important to both employee productivity and overall business optimization. The great thing about technology adoption in small businesses is that you can be nimble and test new technologies faster without having to worry about massive integrations. According to the report, high-performing small business service teams are 1.7x more likely than moderate or underperformers to be heavy tech adopters. When the time comes for your small business to implement a new support technology (or any other technology), make sure to loop in your customer service team to help test it out.

High-performing small business service teams are 1.7x more likely to be heavy tech adopters.

Small businesses place higher value on a happy workforce

Showing employees you appreciate them is especially important for growing companies, because, let’s face it, you don’t have very many of them. Leading small businesses are making it a priority to ensure they’re supporting and engaging their talent, especially for customer-facing roles where employees are the face of the brand. And employees agree. With 49% of small business service teams reporting that employee retention and satisfaction are extremely important to them, it’s a no-brainer for small businesses to invest in the people who are on the front lines communicating with customers.

Check out the entire “Benchmarks for Small Business Growth” report and see how you can transform your business to drive customer success today.

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