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Nine hacks to boost customer communication

Nine hacks to boost customer communication

When a business owner focuses on improving communication with customers, good things tend to happen. Unfortunately, many of today’s leaders fail to ask customers for feedback and make assumptions about what their clients need. to You can boost business if you leverage the power of your market. Ask questions, seek input, listen and be aware of your competition. These and several other hacks will help you to position your business for success and create more loyal and satisfied customers.

1. Anticipate client desires 

What’s the easiest way to determine what your customers want? Simply ask them! Don’t be afraid to ask how your product could help improve their lives and what specific features deliver the greatest benefits. Ask them what they see the competition doing that they like — and then act on this input. The larger the sample size of clients you talk to, the better you’ll be able to adjust your market position and communication strategy.

2. Shop the competition

To improve communication with your customers you have to understand how they are engaged by your competition. Purchase competing products or have other similar business come to your business or home to present their solutions. You’ll see what they have to offer, which means that you can more easily interface with your existing or potential client base.

3. Listen actively 

Businesses that listen to their customers are more likely to succeed. Just as active listening is important in a marriage, listening and reacting appropriately to client feedback or concerns is vitally important when fostering long term business relationships. This can be accomplished via a responsive client care group that handles inbound calls, or you can position a social media marketing manager to monitor, read, and react to social media complaints, inquiries, and general statements about your business.

4. Don't try to please everyone

While you generally want to cast as wide a net as possible when marketing your business, avoid the temptation to please everyone. Customer communication is enhanced when you are clear about the mission of your business. You may have to let some customers go if you can’t adequately support their goals and you’ll retain a larger share of your clients if you stay true to your core mission.

5. Create "notify me when" triggers 

Give clients or prospects who visit your website the ability to click a box that says “notify me when.” This represents an ideal way to keep visitors informed of promotions, price changes, in-stock situations and more. Plus, it provides you with insight into the future desires and wants of your client base. Automated communication technologies can help to improve customer communication without you having to lift a finger.

6. Always remain upbeat 

Even if you are responding to a serious complaint, never engage a customer in a battle of wills. Remain positive, focus on solutions, and realize that your reactions will be viewed by others in the buying public. Most clients don’t really care about the problem or solution as much as the way in which the problem was resolved. Always take the high road and you’ll train your clients and future customers that they can come to you with a concern and you’ll handle it appropriately and with grace.

7. Keep it simple

Communicating with customers doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the better. Client communication should be clean, clear, concise and effective. Get your point across in a professional manner, but remember that clients don’t want to spend all day reading your communication.

8. Understand emotions

Communicating with customers is important, but understanding the emotional issues customers face is vital. When seeking greater customer communication, try to empathize with their situation so you can communicate in a more genuine manner. Clients can sense when you’re clued in to their emotions and will communicate more easily with you.

9. Be transparent

If a customer feels that you are not being 100% above board, they’ll run away as quickly as possible. Be honest and true. Admit fault if you should do so. And above all, let clients know exactly what your motivations are. There’s a reason why more of the buying public trusts reviews from strangers than corporate marketing strategies these days, there is a level of transparency that is appealing to today’s consumer.

Increasing the frequency and clarity of communication with your clients is extremely important and will often result in increased sales and a healthier, more robust business. Take the nine steps above to heart and you just might see a big spike in client loyalty in the near future.


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