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Product updates

Nothing says “I love you” like new features Business Insights chart

At we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually adding new features and functionality that makes it easier to provide awesome customer support. This month, we’re beefing up our Next Gen Agent integrations capabilities, giving you much more insight into your self-service experience, and making cosmetic changes to improve the user interface for our admins.

Business Insights - Content Report

Offering self-service is one of the biggest drivers of customer satisfaction. Your customers rely on the knowledge articles in your portal to learn to use or troubleshoot your products and services, but their success is dependent on the quality of the articles. Don’t you want to know which ones they are reading, or how often your articles are used by your agents to solve a case? Now you can with’s Content Report (for Business Plus customers). See the number of pageviews per article, how often agents apply articles to cases, and article ratings over a specific date range. Now you can identify the customer support articles most relevant to your customers and target sub-standard content for revision or deprecation.

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JIRA OnDemand-Cloud now available to all customers for Next Gen Agent

If your organization uses JIRA, you can add it to the case layout in the Next Gen Agent. Configuring JIRA for the Next Gen Agent console will only take a couple of minutes and make your job much easier.

Learn how to enable it

Admin Reskin

Here’s a quick one for you. Now your admin console can look just as smooth as your Next Gen Agent.
Simply go to Admin → Settings → enable Next Gen Agent button. It’s easy, see how. Business Insights Reporting

At we show customers we love them all year long. Check back soon to see more new features that will help you make your support even more amazing. Not yet a customer? We’d love to have you!

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