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No one really knows how or when language was invented; we just know that it’s complicated. There are estimated to be 6,500 spoken languages in the world, each with its own words and grammar. English, the world’s #3 language, is one of the most complex. Even simple words like “band,” “run,” or “take” have many different meanings. And as good as today’s search engines are, they can’t always make sense of our language.

What does that mean for customer service?

The best knowledge base articles are meaningless if your customers can’t find them. Getting indexed by search engines and providing your own search tools are great steps to make it easier for customers to get the right information, but it’s still tricky given the complexity of our language. So what’s the fix?

Meet Inbenta. Inbenta provides a search platform that understands the meaning behind a search and doesn’t rely solely on keywords. For example, if your customer types “ship a book to France,” a keyword-based search might find articles on “book a ship to France,” instead of mailing options for books; with Inbenta, those search problems and miscues are history.

In addition to A.I.-powered search, Inbenta also offers real-time analytics on your content and searches, as well as linguist support that can help you understand the root cause of queries (so you can update your  articles). Natural Language Processing technology used to find the perfect articles can also be used for a virtual chat assistant. If the customer decides it wasn’t the right answer, he or she can easily transfer to a live chat agent.

We still don’t know the origin of language, but at least with Inbenta we can be sure that our customers can find what they’re looking for. Customer service wins again!

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