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Partner Spotlight: New integration partners to improve your customer service Integration Partners Spotlight

Who doesn't want to offer faster, better customer service? At we're constantly working to help you do just that! We have more than 60 partner applications in our App Hub that will help you get more out of Read on to learn about new integrations for telephony, agent efficiency, analytics and knowledge that can help you make customers happier than ever.

Telephony integration for

OpenCTI telephony integrations

The OpenCTI integration framework is the most successful release in our partner history. More than ten leading telephony companies have built integrations that allow you to use telephony natively within Here are just a few:


Aircall lets you create instantly (or port in) the phone numbers you need to do business in 40 countries, and distribute calls easily across your support team. Aircall synchronizes all your phone interactions with, creating tickets for new callers, adding call logs and recordings to your contact profiles, and allows you to dial directly from your contacts. Aircall works on any device, from anywhere. Learn more about Aircall

CloudCall by Synety

CloudCall lets you fully integrate your phone system with, allowing you to effectively manage all of your support communications in one place. Lean more about CloudCall 


ContactReception lets you add a 24/7 live answering service helpdesk to your business — and it's fully integrated with Never miss a call during or after hours. This cost effective roll-over lets you add around-the-clock support that scales up and down without hiring anyone or making long term commitments. Learn more about ContactReception

Agent efficiency integrations

Telephony integrations are not the only area we're expanding. We've also onboarded some partners that'll help you be more efficient in working with and beyond. Take a look:


Appbot helps you to improve the quality of your mobile apps by harvesting bugs, feature requests, and user sentiment data from your app reviews. Appbot monitors the iOS, Google Play, and Amazon app stores across all countries. Learn more about Appbot


Bedrock Data lets you bi-directionally sync data between and dozens of leading CRM, marketing automation, event, finance, and e-commerce systems. Learn more about BedrockData


While boasts the best analytics and business intelligence tool in the industry, we know if you really want to get down in the weeds you need to be able to take multiple data sources and connect them. This is what these analytics partners do best:


Argo is the most painless way to explore your company's customer data. Argo connects to web services like to synchronize data for fast, intuitive analysis through a search-based interface. Send automated reports and keep your team up-to-date with your company's metrics. Learn more about Argo

Argo integration for

Knowledge Base

For most online businesses, 80% of the support ticket volume is made up by just 20% of the most frequently asked questions. Offering self-service is an easy — and cost-effective — to give customers the help they need, whenever they need it:


When you employ a customer self-service strategy on your website that integrates with your existing Knowledge Base, customers can receive immediate answers to their most simple and common questions. Instead of resolving the same tickets over-and-over, your customer service and success teams are freed to focus on high-value customer conversations. The AnswerDash integration with makes it easy for you to "bring forward" your Knowledge Base articles as AnswerDash self-service Q&A, so answers appear seamlessly within the flow of your website. Learn more about AnswerDash

AnswerDash integration for

More to come

These are just a handful of examples of the many technology partners we added to the App Hub over the past 12 months. To see the others, head over to the App Hub. Check back regularly because there are many more apps to improve your customer service coming soon!

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