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Partner Spotlight: New PieSync Integration for

PieSync Integration

Remember the days of the Rolodex? If not let us give you a quick reminder. Back in 1956, a Danish engineer named Hildaur Neilsen invented a device that allowed you to snap special index cards on a rotating spindle. This rolling index was primarily used to store important business contact information. It was simple, and it was glorious.

Nowadays most businesses use software or email clients to keep track of customers and contacts . But this is certainly not the only option. Cell phones, Google Contacts,, Salesforce, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few that come to mind when thinking about the places I store my contacts. Luckily my cell phone lets me sync my contacts with Google and Facebook, but what about all the other business software out there? How much time do we spend keeping all the contacts in sync?

All of this is about to change with the newest addition to the AppHub: PieSync.

Integrate PieSync with to connect your SaaS apps in real time.

PieSync’s goal is to connect all major SaaS applications and provide a bi-directional sync of contact data between them -- in real time. As soon as a connection is created between and Google Contacts, all the customer information is copied to the other system. If changes occur in Google Contacts, the customer info in updates, too (and vis versa).

Because PieSync runs in the background, you won’t notice anything has changed... other than that your contact information is finally up to date in all your systems. And if you don’t like to have your contacts pushed bi-directionally, you always have the option to set up a one-way sync.

If you’d like to give it a try, head over to our AppHub to get additional information and a link to sign up test PieSync for free.

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