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Practicing random acts of #CustServ WOW

Practice random acts of customer service wow

Every day at, we strive to make our customers happy and successful. Of course we do the *standard* things a customer service team should do — answer questions quickly, listen with an empathetic ear, and make sure we give customers the right help as needed.

But there’s a reason we call our customer support agents the WOW team: We like to go above and beyond, so customers always feel that aha moment of “WOW!” In the fast-paced world of customer service, it’s easy to concentrate on closing cases as fast as possible, forgetting about the people behind the cases. So we’ve empowered each WOW team member to spend more time and effort with a customer if it will deliver a truly unforgettable support experience.

We call them Random Acts of WOW (RAWs): units of work that are often paid engagements (such as building custom reports or helping with web development), but are comped in these special cases. We trust team members to give away these resources because we appreciate that they're in the trenches and know when customers need a special effort to achieve success.

Besides the obvious pride a team member gets from an accolade, there’s a longer lasting effect on the team’s morale. Random Acts of WOW let team members spend time doing something they enjoy, while also helping customers. For example, a team member was able to improve his front-end developer skills by spending extra time doing web theme work for a customer that didn’t have technical resources; this made him a more productive team member and also let him hone skills that would drive his career growth.

In another instance, a customer was cleaning up the hundreds of macros that had accumulated over the years. To help the customer "spring clean" more efficiently, a team member decided to write an API script to export the macros into a spreadsheet; the customer then indicated the changes he wanted to make, and we wrote another script to update the macros. This saved the customer tons of time and improved his experience.

It’s important to keep track of these RAWs; not only do they positively impact our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, they also impact things like our brand, retention, and customer sentiment.. Besides, when our customers are happy, it makes them more likely to add team members and carry on with, and who doesn't like that?

So if you’re considering a Random Acts of WOW approach to truly jazz your customer service game, be sure to remember these five key ideas:

  • Empower agents to spend extra time with customers
  • Formalize a RAW concept and recognize people for using it
  • Spread the concept to the entire company
  • Leverage the concept to increase team morale
  • Track your RAWs to show impact on retention and expansion

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